Relaxing by the pool

Both Villa Foz do Banho as Villa Ribeira do Banho have an exceptionally beautiful infinity pool. Both are situated between two very nice ponds filled with water lilies, frogs and fish. The design of the swimming pools is inspired by the ones we have seen on our trips to Bali, Indonesia. Because the pool lies between the two ponds, you  immediately imagine yourself in the midst of nature. While you are swimming, you can see the fish pass by.

On the comfortable sun-beds you can enjoy the sun, read a book or simply relax. With only the croaking of the frogs in the background the garden with swimming pool  is a truly peaceful place to be in.

pool, zwembad, schwimmbad


Not only the design of our pools is unique, also the water with which we fill them is something special. We collect the water from our own source on the estate. This water naturally contains little lime and therefore feels nice and soft on the skin.

We have chosen not to purify the water with the chemical chlorine but for natural purification by means of salt thru salt electrolyses. This is how we keep the water feeling soft on the skin. And there is much less chance of red eyes and skin irritation. It makes the water really a joy to swim in.

If you have any questions about our houses with pool, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

Swimming in nature

We are very proud of the gardens of both of our houses. Over the years these have literally grown into small paradises. Our house manager works hard whole year round to keep them in perfect condition. Because of the location and the rich vegetation, they offer our guests complete privacy

By placing the swimming pools between two ponds we succeeded in creating a harmonious whole with the garden. The choice of the black pool tiles, instead of the usual blue ones, is a sustainable choice. Because the black tiles attract the heat of the sun, the water is warmed up in a natural way. Garden, pool and the lush vegetation makes you feel in the midst of nature.

pool, Schwimmbad, zwembad