Activities for children Algarve

The luxurious holiday villas Algarve Portugal with their wonderful gardens, atmospheric terraces, ponds and private swimming pools, are a perfect point of departure for joining activities for children. You don’t have to entertain you children every day, as they can perfectly amuse themselves playing and swimming in the swimming pool, observing fishes in the ponds and making walks to the brook on the country estate.

Other activities for children Algarve Portugal are within reach and are mainly situated along the South Coast of Portugal. The attractions and activities vary from walks to karting and from zoo to water park.

Holiday villas Algarve Portugal

Holiday villa Foz do Banho and holiday villa Ribeira do Banho offer peace and space for small and large companies with or without children. If you wish to spend some time alone, you will always find a perfect spot in the villas, in the gardens or on one of the terraces.

Within a 20 minute drive of the villas you will reach the South Coast of Portugal, which offers various activities for children Algarve. Below you will find a couple of options:

Activities for children Algarve

Parque da Mina

This adventure park, also heritage, is situated within only a 5 minute drive of the villa. The children can become acquainted with iron mines and can explore a 18th century country house. The park also has a children’s farm, cableway and a playground.

Water parks

One of the most popular activities for children is a visit to one of the three water parks Algarve, situated at the South Coast of Portugal. Both young and old will amuse themselves with plenty of slides and rapids.


The beaches along the South Coast of Portugal offer plenty of facilities for children. The sea water temperature is pleasant and the bays invite children to play, swim and snorkel.

Watching dolphins

The beaches along the South Coast also offer special activities for children Algarve. In almost all seaside resorts you can make a boat trip, looking for dolphins. A special and fascinating experience for young and old.

Mini golf park Roma

The Roman theme in the mini golf park in Vilamoura is characterized by Roman temples and pillars and is a wonderful experience for children.

Lagos zoo

A well-known and popular activity for children is the Zoo of Lagos with its many exotic animals like: lemurs, flamingos, toucans, wallabies and gibbons. With over 140 animal species and 200 plant species.

Krazyworld Algarve Zoo

This park offers various activities for children: jumping pillow, swimming pool, children’s farm, crocodile island, beast of prey and reptiles. Pony riding and feeding camels are possible.

Zoo Marine

Zoo Marine near Albufeira is a combination between an amusement park and a zoo. You will observe tropical fishes, sharks, crocodiles and turtles, just like spectacular shows with dolphins, sea lions and seals.

Fábrica do Inglès

In summer dancers, fools, clowns and musicians perform on this event terrain in Silves. In the evening a multimedia show with light, sound and fountains is organized.


Karting is a challenging option for tough children. Kartódromo in Portimão is an official circuit with a special circuit for children. Almancil also offers a special circuit for children.  


Both the Monchique Mountains and the South Coast offer wonderful facilities for children in nature. Children will amuse themselves walking over the cliffs or climbing the tops of natural park Monchique.

Villa Foz do Banho

Villa Foz do Banho

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  • 3 bedrooms
  • Private swimmingpool
  • Atmosphere, luxury en privacy

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Villa Ribeira do Banho

Villa Ribeira do Banho

  • 2 - 14 persons
  • 7 bedrooms
  • Private swimmingpool
  • Modern, spacious and private

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